Japanese Business
Presentation Contest

Date15th September 2019

15th September 2019

VenueTaylor’s University Lakeview Campus

Taylor’s University Lakeview Campus

Working Professional Section14:00~RM1,000 & return air-ticket to Tokyo by ANA
Student Section10:00~Japan 1 week Trip
Working Professional Section 14:00~

RM1,000 & return air-ticket to Tokyo by ANA

Student Section 10:00~

Japan 1 week Trip

Thank you for coming!

4th Japanese speaking presentation contest was held on 15 September 2019.

Herewith we would like to introduce winners of the contest.

Working professional section

アディバ アズリン




One of my responsibilities is an interpreter linking Japanese superiers and local staff.

I need to communicate with people at different departments so communication is the most important.

I can interpret technical communication but I feel incomplete when I interpret my superior’s thought, feeling to local staff. It is hard to interpret what he wants when he wants to teach them thoroughly. I wish I can interpret what he wants to say to local staff.

It is my idea that I would like to summarise expressing anger in English and Malay and show them to understand.

フー ワァイ フォン

Wai Foong Foo


Web Analytics Consultants Association

When our clients ask us to design website, they often request us “ we need stylish website”.

At the beginning, I did not understand how to design the stylish one.

My superior said to me “ why you design the site? If an answer is not coming to you, you should think it through. Bet your life on it”.What’s the objective of web design? The most important thing is to contribute client’s business. If you are a web designer, you have to think it again - is your objective is to design stylish site?

リツ リー

Lee Shu Ning


Clisk Malaysia

My interests are game and J-pop. My favorites are Nogizaka46 and Hinatazaka46.

Gathering information via SNS is MUST when I visit Japan.

I check restaurants on “Tabelog”, post photos that I took on SNS.

I also check idols events on SNS.

Young non-Japanese who are interested in Japanese culture utilise SNS to gather information.

Working professional section Winner’s comment
Ms. Adiva Azlin

Ms. Nishio was mentioning about the objective of the contest, “ I hope Malaysia and Japan would have stronger bonds with each other by getting know what Malaysian think, aware and feel. So I spoke my thought honestly during my speech. Some presenters made speeches about technical things or the fact. In my opinion, they would better speak out their inner voice honestly.

I am a quite direct person, even to my clients, I will speak to them directly. For example, when due date might delayed, I ask a client to confirm that due date should be tomorrow. My superior said to me “ well said”. He might want me to say that because I am not Japanese.

For my future subject, I would like to learn Japanese hospitality and want to be polite to our clients.

Ms.Lee Shu Ning

It was the 2nd time to participate in the contest. I was student 2 years ago, unfortunately I could not win at that time. I am so happy to get 3rd prize this year!

I go for drinks for the celebration tonight! I don’t have enough work experience but I was at the event to improve my presentation skill.

It was a quite challenging to narrow down my topics. I don’t want to speak the same topics as other people. I wanted to express myself - the way I am, so I talked about SNS.

University student section

アイナ ヒヤマ ビンティ ザズリ

Aina Hiyama Binti Zazuli


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I am at 2nd year of studying Electronics System Engineering at UTM. My dream is to be a competent engineer.

An excellent craftsmanship exists in Japan. I was thinking about the reason and came across this.

One of the reason why Japanese’s never compromise to make things.

I watched Japanese drama, “Downtown Rocket”.

The story was about small factory in Japan. People who have worked for a small factory put too much efforts to into developing a rocket engine. They tried the best to produce the best engine ever. That was really cool they made a lots of mistakes but have never gave up.

The second reason is a high level of ethics of engineers. During this drama, a patients died due to artificial heart valve. Human-developed technology sometime could some problems that put your life at risk. It is important we have to understand what they really need /want.

If we understand properly, we can develop excellent technology.

What we should learn from Japan is not only Japanese technology but also their craftsmanship, high level of ethics and passionate about craftsmanship.

ディラン リム

Dylan Lim Xing Ze


First City University College

I currently study Japanese at Japanese language school and have been teaching English and Malay to Japanese people as a part-timer.

I have many chances to speak Japanese students and teachers, had Japanese friends. I started being interested in Japan. I realised Japanese are very nice and kind people but too nice and can’t say “No”. Japanese are very polite and also “reading air” culture exists in Japan. The struggle never ends for Japanese just because of their personality. Being tough to be Japanese but I would like to work in Japan in the future.

I was very inspired by Japanese, especially their efficient way to work, keeping good manners.

I would like to live in Japan and get more inspiration from Japanese.

チョン ソーシン

Chung Sow Shinn


HELP University

Malaysia has a good relationship with Japan. Visiting Japan/Malaysia is the key point for establishing good relationship for us. it is like a bridge-building. The objective of this contest is to build stronger relationship between Malaysia and Japan. I wish to be a bridge between 2 countries. I wish 2 countries would establish better relationship in the future, I want to introduce each culture to deepen mutual understanding.

I had an experience as a tour guide. As I did not know sea cucumber soap that is popular among Japanese people, I checked what it is. I also checked sightseeing place and history. These experiences are treasure for me.

When I exchange culture with others from different countries, it would be great to accumulate opinions, experiences and knowledges.

University student section Winner’s comment
Ms. Aina Hiyama Binti Zazuli

My mother is Japanese, so I surrounded myself with Japanese language.

Ever since I was born, I like Japan. Japanese language is must because I want to go to graduate school. Speaking is not problem but I need to learn Kanji since I am not good at it. Basically I am not good at speaking in public, I participated in the contest to get over it. I did a lot of practices before I came here. I made speech and my mother checked it for me.

Good to know taking a deep breath works when I get nervous.

I want to be an engineer on a global scale. I want to work in Japan one day but I really don’t care whether I work in Japan or Malaysia.

Mr. Dylan Lim Xing Ze

I’ve never been to Japan. I participated in the contest because I want to visit Japan.

I have been studying Japanese about 2 years. The reason why I study Japanese is for Japanese people whom I have taught English and Malay. I I like J-pop and I want to make a song one day. I also like “sing with a guitar”. I want to visit Japan because my girlfriend is Japanese and she motivates me. I want to work in Japan in the future. I believe I will get an inspiration from Japan If I stay there.

Mr. Chung Sow Shinn

When I participated in the contest last year, I could speak properly because I was panicked, but I was fine this year. I made my speech by my own and check by using google translate. I feel so accomplished.

Japanese anime made me start to study Japanese. I want to understand Japanese without seeing subtitles.

I have not watched anime these days but I keep studying Japanese because It would be an advantage when I look for a job. I want to work in Japan one day, I guess one year is enough for me. it should be very stressful If I work in Japan. After 1 year work in Japan, I would like to engage in Japanese customers-oriented job in Malaysia.

The purpose of the event
The Business Presentation Contest aims to bridge the gap between Japanese-speaking Malaysians and established Japanese companies. Individuals who currently speak Japanese at the workplace, or are considering working in an immersive Japanese corporation are highly invited to participate. Through this contest, the organizer hopes to connect talented individuals with a natural flair for the Japanese language with companies that place emphasis on building long-term relationships with their employees.
This is a wonderful opportunity if you wish to actively use Japanese at work, and at the same time, hope to elevate your language proficiency.
About the organiser
A to Z language centre was established in 2004 in Malaysia, which is language school providing English, Chinese and Malay lessons as well as Japanese.
Not only providing language lessons, they provide exchange program in Japan to Malaysian people and also hold various events which are bridge between Malaysia and Japan.
Classes are located at Damansara (HQ), Johor Bahru, Penang and Sri Petaling.
The contest highlight
Discover something “new”,
learn a lots through the event
High quality and you will see a lot interesting presentations
Discover something “new”, learn a lots through the event, High quality and you will see a lot interesting presentations


A to Z Language Centre

Principal : Akiko Nishio

Boost the motivation of non-native Japanese speakers at the workplace

Non-native Japanese speakers, who have worked for Japanese companies in Malaysia, had participated the contest in the past.

Many of them came to the contest under Japanese superior’s recommendation.

Some of winners appeared in the company newsletter, received the company award, and were highly appreciated by HQ in Japan after participating the contest.

It also helped to build a better relationship between non-Japanese and Japanese at the workplace during preparing presentation materials.

We hope the contest would help to build better relationship and mutual understanding between non-Japanese and Japanese at the workplace.

We wish non-native Japanese speakers would get motivated through the contest.

Discover something new about Japan/Japanese through Malaysian’s thoughts and feelings

In the near future, It will be widely common for Japanese to work with “non-Japanese staff”.

If Japanese understand their thought, their motivation toward the work and their requirements, the work environment would be much better for both Japanese and non-Japanese.

We hope the context would be a good opportunity to understand each other.

Non-native Japanese speakers and non-Japanese who have work with Japanese may not convey their feelings, however, they discover something new every day.

Through their thoughts and feelings, Japanese also have a good opportunity to discover something new about Japan.

We hope the contest would help to deepen mutual understanding between Japanese and non-Japanese.

Comment by judge about “The highlight of the contest”
Sell yourself at the presentation!

I had the opportunity to be a judge at the presentation last year.

I was very interested in presentations and listened attentively - their passion toward the work, their work style in Japanese companies, their thoughts and concerns.

It is a good opportunity for me to get you know.

Trust is the important for business.

Sell yourself and establish trust.

Please sell yourself at the presentation.

I am very much looking forward to getting you know through the presentation.

Teikyo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ohno Yoshihiro

I was touched by participant’s positive feeling and passions

I had the opportunity to be a judge at 2018 presentation.

The thing I found impressive in the presentation is presenter's positive thinking.

Malaysia and Japan have a close relationship and more than 60 years have passed since diplomatic relations was established.

As my understanding is correct, Malaysia is friendly to Japan.

I was touched by participant’s positive feeling and passions as well as their Japanese ability. Personally I love Malaysia.

Successful and prospective youth are crucial for better relationship between Malaysia and Japan.

I am very much looking forward to your presentation. Let’s get this done together!

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Malaysia

General Manager

Mr. Isao Tsuji

The 4th Working Professional Section

リツ リー

Lee Shu Ning


Clisk Malaysia

クン スアン シアオ

Koon Xuan Xiao


Shin Etsu Polymer Malaysia

オン トン

Ong Tong



モハマド アヌアル ビン アブ バカル

Mohd Anuar Abu Bakar


(Cakap Jepun) Michi Global Sdn Bhd

ウェン イー

Wen Yee


Nisshin Global Research Center Sdn Bud

アディバ アズリン




リュウ シャン エン

Liew Shan Yuan


Dynamic Vision Resources(DVR)

ヘレナ ビンティ モハマド ハムダン

Helena binti Mohd Hamdan


Dynamic Vision Resources Sdn. Bhd.

モハマド カイリ ビン アブドゥル アジズ

Mohamad Khairi bin Ab Aziz


Lodging Partner Travel Sdn Bhd

フー ワァイ フォン

Wai Foong Foo


Web Analytics Consultants Association

ハミルル ビン オスマン

Hamirul Bin Othman

「マレーシア人へ 手帳を活用しましょう」

Institute Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa

The 2nd Student Section

ゴー チューン ウエーン

Goh Choon Weng


Cyberjaya University College of Medical Science

ファテイン ナジャト モハマド ザキ

Fatin Najat Mohd Zaki


International Islamic University Malaysia

サム チャン フォン

Sum Chern Foung


Multimedia University (Melaka Campus)

アイナ ヒヤマ ビンティ ザズリ

Aina Hiyama Binti Zazuli


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

ホー イ ミン

Ho Yi Min


Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

ディラン リム

Dylan Lim Xing Ze


First City University College

パング ジ ハル

Pang Zi Haur

「経済産業省 国際化促進インターンシップ事業~私の夢への第一歩」

UCSI University

チョン ソーシン

Chung Sow Shinn


HELP University

History of the contest
The 3rd Working Professional Section


Nurana Binti Alias


Sankyu (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.


Teo Siew Ying


Okamura International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Ashley Yeong Jing Ying


Pasona HR Malsyia Sdn. Bhd.

The 1st Student Section


Yeo Shi Hui


Tunku Abdul Rahman University College


Grace Pooi Weng Yan


HELP University


Samuel Loh Yung Jian

「初音ミク コラボレーションのシンボル」

University Malaya

The 2nd Working Professional Section



Panasonic Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.






Embassy of Japan



Shin-Etsu Polymer (M) Sdn Bhd

The 1st Working Professional Section


Rubiatul Khairiah Binti Khairudin


Canon Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Loh Yee Xuan


Pasona HR Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.


Lee Wan Jin


Elilai International Sdn Bhd


Chanthuru Thevendram


Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Bhd

Application guideline
(*Application closed)

“Japanese business presentation contest” is not the contest to assess your Japanese ability. Working professionals who make use of their Japanese skills, non-Japanese who wish to work for Japanese companies give a presentation in Japanese about their thought, feelings and their messages. The context of presentation, presentation capabilities, the way of expression are highly evaluated for the contest.

The theme of the presentation is “work”. Sell yourself to Japanese companies, share your future plan about your business - express in your own style.

Theme : Work
Qualification requirement
Working Professional Section
  • Non-native Japanese speakers (non-Malaysian can also apply)
  • Work experiences are required or individuals who wish to work using Japanese skills
Student Section
  • Non-native Japanese speakers (non-Malaysian can also apply)
  • Must be undergraduate
Working Professional Section
Grand Prize

Return air-ticket to Tokyo

by ANA


2nd Prize

Kinokuniya Gift Card

3rd Prize

KOKUYO Stationery

Gift for Participants

・Official Textbook JBAA 4th Grade

・『マンガで体験! にっぽんのカイシャ ~ビジネス日本語を実践する~』(日本漢字能力検定協会)

・KOKUYO Stationery

・Business Japanese Proficiency Test, online mock-test (Intercultural Institute of Japan)

・Ballpoint pen by ANA

Student Section
Grand Prize

Japan 1 week Trip

2nd Prize

Kinokuniya Gift Card

3rd Prize

KOKUYO Stationery

Gift for Participants

・Official Textbook JBAA 4th Grade

・『マンガで体験! にっぽんのカイシャ ~ビジネス日本語を実践する~』(日本漢字能力検定協会)

・KOKUYO Stationery

・Business Japanese Proficiency Test, online mock-test (Intercultural Institute of Japan)

・Ballpoint pen by ANA

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